“It was a few days before Christmas and all through the gym, sweaty bodies lay everywhere just trying to get a breath in”

An exaggeration I am sure, but with Christmas nearly upon us it is time to pit yourself (and a friend) against the rest of the members. Then once bragging rights have been settled, we can cook some meat and hang out.

This is a partner challenge so pick carefully.  You get to choose who is on your side for this series of 3 challenges. We plan on 3 separate workouts to test your combined fitness.

There will be 3 categories; Men, Women and Mixed.

We will start at 9am and go until we are done (aiming for before noon) then it is BBQ time. It is members (or spouses and friends who CrossFit if you ask nicely) only to compete in the challenge, but all are welcome to support the partners challenge and at the BBQ. Friends, family and well behaved dogs welcome.



As many attempts in 30 Min to move max weight for: Over Head Squat and 10m Suitcase Carry. Over Head Squat from the rack.

Score is combined max weight lifted kg for kg. Only one partner can attempt each movement.

OHS and Suitcase Carry will increase in weight by 2.5kg.


1 working at a time
2 x 400m Relay using CHICKEN batons – Min 400m
2 x 200m Log Carry relay (2 x 200m) Men 22kg Women 11kg – Min 200m
2 x 200m Chicken Relay
2 x 100m Farmers walk relay(2 x 100m) 2 x 24kg Men 2 x 16kg Women 2 x 15kg Mixed Women – Min 100m


One working at a time, break up the reps however you want. Convert time to seconds for score. Time Cap 12 MIN any uncompleted m or reps will score 1 additional second.

30 WallBalls 20/14# to 10/9’ – Minimum 10 Wallballs OR 60 PushBalls 20/14# to 10/9’ – Minimum 10 PushBalls

50 Sit Ups – Minimum 10 Sit Ups

30 Push Ups – Minimum 10 Push Ups OR 15 Negatives – Minimum 5 Negatives

50 Bar Hops – Minimum 10

30 OH Lunge Steps 15/10kg – Minimum 10 steps (If you can’t go knee to deck, double the reps)

50 Burpees – Minimum 10 Burpees

2017 kg Deadlift EACH – 1 bar per same gender pair, mixed pairs get 2. You can change the weight ONCE. 10kg increases only.


MaD will supply the meat, please bring a dish to share. DB will supply the beer 🙂