Another chance to hit 18.2 at 9am.

Sunday Strength Session

10am til Noon. Not limited to lifting, you can work on your body weight skills or anything you like really. Don’t forget about Benchmark Training, still time to hit a “Girl”, “Games” or “Hero” workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan.


Thanks Paule for this one.

Not Everything Needs to Be a PR

My observation started with the #PReveryday crowd. Their enthusiasm is matched by their creativity in the number of different things they’re willing to call a PR. Know somebody with a 3-rep-no-belt-snatch-grip-deadlift-from-low-blocks-in-Nano-6s PR? I bet you do. They seemed to be mostly CrossFitters, and mostly under a year of experience. It’s fairly simple to PR every day when every workout is different and you’re riding that wave of newbie gains. But when the honeymoon is over, what then?