Teams of 3. Team Obstacle Course
3 Min AMRAPs, 2 min Rest between AMRAPS

Yoke-Yoke-Wall 1 x 30kg Ball 2 x 20kg Balls
(1 round is all balls and team over last wall or yoke)
10m Over-Under Box Hurdles
(1 round is all team members over 10m line)
Row-Bike-Row Calories
(Score is Cal divided by 3)
Farmers Walk Relay 10m 24/16kg
(1 round is all team members completing 10m walk)

Bench Press Workshop – 7 April 10am – Noon

This workshop will focus on getting a stronger Bench Press. We will take you through mobility, activation, warm up, lifts and accessory work. You’ll get a list of everything we go over, and we’ll talk about how to add them to your current MaD workouts. This for anyone who wants to  prepare for Bad As IX, coming up June 2nd, or if you want to learn how to increase your bench press.



How McDonald’s uses interior design tricks to keep customers wanting more

They ‘anchor’ our decisions

The first thing customers see when they walk in the door is delicious-looking photos of the chain’s newer menu offerings — called “Signature Collection” in the U.K. and “Signature Crafted Recipes” in the U.S. — the pricier, and by some accounts fattier, gourmet burgers. In positioning the photos near the entrance, McDonald’s is following research that shows that consumers tend to go with the first options presented to them when they’re making a decision.