24 Min EMOM
Min 1: 30 Second Handstand Hold
Min 2: 15 Sit Ups
Min 3: 15 Goblet Squats 24/16kg

24 Min EMOM
Min 1: 30 Second Plank Hold
Min 2: 10 Sit Ups
Min 3: 10 Goblet Squats 20/12kg

If you can’t maintain the 30 sec HS holds then drop into plank for the remaining time up to 30 seconds.

Free Intro Workout – Saturday at 9am

Our Free Intro Group Class is designed to suit any level of fitness  and is interested in learning more about our program.  You can come in with an existing member or book in with us before the day. In this session we start with a warm up and take you through a group class at MaD Strength & Conditioning.  We coach you through some of the movements so you get a feel for how we teach, and take you through a partner or team workout.  Afterwards we’ll cool down, talk about what we do in a regular class and what the next step is to join.

Although ‘Bring a Friend’ is not our typical Monday – Friday class, you’ll get a feel for the way things run.

Free class for all, does not count as one of your weekly visits.