Our 3rd comp of 2018. Lifting starts at 10am, come find out what the sport is all about.


A Practical Guide to Walking on Your Hands

Walking on your hands is great for upper body strength, balance, coordination, working out imbalances between your arms, and more. It’s also fun! This article is going to provide a step by step (pun intended) guide to walking on your hands.

Getting the Bar Past the Knees in the Snatch and Clean

I’ve said before that the complexity of the first pull is commonly underestimated by new lifters because of its apparent simplicity, especially in comparison to the rest of the lift. However, it simultaneously seems to be made more complicated than it needs to be by more advanced lifters and coaches. How the bar and knees interact with each other in this phase of the lift is critical, but I think we can simplify the process here and free up some brain space to worry about more important things….