With a partner complete AMRAP in 3 rounds of:
KB Swing 24/16kg
Pull Ups
Push Press 40/30kg
Jumping Lunge

Scaled as required.
1 partner works at a time for a minute at each station.
So partner 1 does 1 minute of KBS then partner 2 does 1 min of KBS then partner 1 does 1 minute of pull ups and so on until 30 minutes has elapsed.

Back Squat Workshop – 28 April 10am – Noon

This workshop will focus on getting a stronger Back Squat. We will take you through mobility, activation, warm up, lifts and accessory work. You’ll get a list of everything we go over, and we’ll talk about how to add them to your current MaD workouts. This for anyone who wants to  prepare for Bad As IX, coming up June 2nd, or if you want to learn how to increase your back squat.