5 Cycles of:
Max Reps in 3 minutes
3 Burpee
6 Squats
9 KBS 24/16kg. (Fitness Russian Swings)

1 Minute Rest

Similar to “The Chief” but start each cycle where you finish the last. Every rep counts.


Hidden nasties you didn’t know were in your ‘milk’

Long gone are the days when milk only meant the cow variety. It is also safe to say our options are far greater than full-cream, skim and soy when we are ordering a latte.

Now, we not only have a far greater range of cow’s milk, but also an ever-growing range of plant-based milks that are constantly touted for their superior health benefits.

But a closer look at the ingredient lists and the nutritional panels of these milks reveal something different — that in general you are paying for a whole lot of water in anything but a natural food.