Press 2 x 6 – 80-85-90-90-90-90% of your 1 Rep Max, or work up to a heavy double.


Back Squat 1 x 20 – Start weight is Bodyweight or 50% 1RM whichever is lighter.
Look to add 2.5 to 5kg each time you do this.


EMOM x 10
5 KB Swings 32/24kg
5 Goblet Squats 32/24kg
5 Clapping Push Ups

EMOM x 10
5 Russian KB Swings 24/16kg
5 Goblet Squat 24/16kg
5 Push Ups


Food rules.

I’m all for flexibility when it comes to what people eat. Labels like ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, ‘keto’ for a lot of people aren’t particularly useful (even when self-imposed) if that means the structure of their food intake is tied up into the ‘rules’ of that particular diet. People panic when they are out of their own food environment and unable to eat according to the rules of their dietary ethos.