Bench Press 5 x 5 – 65-75-80-80-80% of your 1 Rep Max, or build to a challenging weight for your last 3 sets of 5.


12 Min EMOM
EVEN 6 Burpee box Jump Over 30/24”

12 Min EMOM
ODD 50 Singles
EVEN 10 Burpees


How to Eat for Gut Health

The number-one food to consume when you are looking to improve your intestinal flora is probiotics, but these are such a large category that it’s best to go into details.

Probiotics are yeasts and live microorganisms that feed the good bacteria living in the gut. You usually find them in yogurts and fermented plant-based foods such as tempeh and miso, and they actively participate in either replenishing your flora or simply crowding out the unhealthy bacteria that produce unpleasant situations.

But you shouldn’t stop at just these foods as you can also get probiotics from:

• Kefir – This is similar to yogurt, but richer in probiotics due to the yeast content.
• Sauerkraut and kimchi – These are some of the most recommended fermented foods obtained from vegetables when it comes a diet for the gut. While they do contain probiotics, their secret comes from their organic acids, which are recommended for growing good bacteria.
• Apple cider vinegar – It can be used as salad dressing or as is, but it is beneficial for gut health and the body in general.
• Brine-cured olives – Olives are an untapped source of probiotics, but make sure you buy them from a producer that only uses organic produce.
• Kombucha – An effervescent drink made from fermenting tea.
• Salt-brine pickles – They’re not just delicious and a great way to store vegetables for winter; they’re also extremely healthy and good for your gut.

These are the most popular foods to contain probiotics, but a health specialist may know more, so we encourage you to talk to your doctor about improving your intestinal flora.