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Breath Control and Trunk Stability For Olympic Weightlifting

“In order to create the spinal stability that we need for both performance and safety in weightlifting, the trunk must be pressurized with air. In addition to improving force transfer to the bar through increased trunk rigidity, intervertebral disc pressure is reduced and the ability to produce muscular force is increased with breath-holding. To take in a full breath, the diaphragm must contract and push downward,……….”

Athlete Perspective: My reality as a clean athlete in a not so clean sport

“I finished fourth in Beijing, 3 kilograms away from a medal. Despite my best efforts, I never felt as much a failure as I did then. Lots of people had doubts about the integrity of some of the athletes on the podium and quite frankly so did I. We had all heard the rumours, and being so close to the podium increased my doubts about the other athletes. It was impossible not to wonder what it would be like if we knew for sure which athletes were clean, or to wonder what my real ranking would have been. But I didn’t let myself go there for long, deciding to focus on what I was sure of – I knew for sure that I was clean, and that I was 3 kilos away from an Olympic medal.”