10am til 12pm. Not limited to lifting, you can work on your body weight skills or anything you like really. Don’t forget about Benchmark Training, still time to hit a “Girl”, “Games” or “Hero” workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan.


Tips for your 1st Open

Get Ready To Get Uncomfortable, In A Good Way

During the course of the year at most CrossFit gyms, one of the main services coaches provide their members is advice and assistance regarding scaling. Most CrossFit athletes will scale at least one part of every WOD, and that’s a good thing! During training, it’s important that we don’t lose the intention of the workout. Fran is fast, Murph is slow—if you scale improperly and do a 30-minute Fran or 15-minute Murph, you’ve missed a major part of the purpose. The Open is a little different in that the standards are absolute. If it’s written as a 95-pound power snatch, you will only score points for snatching 95 pounds and receiving in the power position. End of story. While this may seem daunting, it often leads to surprising triumphs.