Team Gone BaD

Single round, 5 minutes at each station for max reps
3-man WOD
Row (cals)
Push press 35/25/15kg
Box jumps
Sumo deadlift high pull 35/25/16kg (Sub KBS?)
Wall ball
Players can rotate as needed during exercises.


The 10 Most Important Reasons to Squat

“By the time we have reached the age of thirty, the muscles used to straighten our spines (erector spinae) and keep our shoulders from falling forward (trapezius and rhomboids), have atrophied in the majority of North Americans largely due to a culture that avoids squatting at all costs.

From living a prosperous, sedentary lifestyle, shoulder and back pain are now common in our modern society which rewards us with paychecks for sitting at desks; keeping our arms out in front of us; work that involves mental rather than physical effort; and staring in front of computers for hours each day. Our twenty-first-century economy offers plenty of emotional, but not a lot of physical exhaustion on a daily basis—an unintended consequence of living in affluence.”