TEAM workout, 2 Rounds for time:
One person working at a time
40 Box Jumps 30/24″(F 24/20”)
30 Deadlifts 110/80kg (F 75/50kg)
40 T2B (F Hanging Leg Raise)
30 DB Push Press 20/15kg (F 15/10kg)
40 Situps (Weighted for Performance 9/6kg Wallball)
30 Row for Calories
40 Alternating Pistols (F Squats)
30 Burpee Box Jumps 30/24″ (F 24/20”)

Rules: All team members must perform a minimum of 10 reps of each movement. Other than that 1 person working at a time and break it up however you want. Time Cap 35 Mins.

F in brackets denotes Rx Fitness scaling (F)


FREE CROSSFIT CLASS – Sat Jul 13th @9am

The best way to get a real sense of CrossFit is to stop by and take one of our Free classes. Each class includes instruction on basic movements, a CrossFit workout based on those movements, and a further explanation of what we do at MaD. Our goal with this class is to give you a taste of what CrossFit is, so you can see why so many people are hooked.

Although ‘Bring a Friend’ is not our typical Monday – Friday class, you’ll get a feel for the way things run.

Free class for all, does not count as one of your weekly visits.