We all know bad things are bound to happen on Friday the 13th. So in order not to disappoint you here is a fun little workout we keep for days like these.
“Bad Medicine”

Med Ball (20/14#)
3 rounds for time
400 Meter run with medball
25 wallballs (10/9′)
25 medball cleans
25 OHS with medball (Can be scaled to a Goblet Squat)

Hold on to the ball throughout the whole WOD. Any rest taken with the ball on the ground is 5 burpees before picking it back up. This includes dropped Wall Balls. Med Ball Cleans will be touch and go from the ground.

The ball cannot be rested on another object. During rest, the medicine ball must be held on the “person”. Carrying the ball by the laces or tabs will also result in a 5 burpee penalty.

…and don’t forget, the Bon Jovi song “Bad Medicine” will be playing on a loop until you finish.


Red meat doesn’t kill you (and a problem with nutrition science)

“It is challenging being an advocate for eating red meat, and (in a lot of cases) encouraging clients (particularly young and not-so-young women) to eat MORE red meat, in a climate of meat avoidance. It isn’t a popular message, particularly with the bad press that red meat consumption (and production) has received over the last few years. So I thought it timely to remind you of some of the pitfalls associated with nutritional research, and why it is problematic to rely on population based research for our nutrition wisdom. This has been well covered by people much smarter than I am (read here) and relates to the above study looking at red meat and all-cause mortality.”