Push Press 3 x 5 – By feel, work up to a heavy triple for the day.


12mim AMRAP
15 Toes To Bar
30 DU’s
10 DB Thruster 20/15kg

15 Hanging Knee Raises
60 Singes Skips
10 DB Thruster 15/10kg


“Many women struggle with the after effects of childbirth and the overwhelm of having a little human who relies on them 24/7. The term ‘post-natal depletion’ (I first heard from my clinical psychologist friend Karen) accurately describes the nutrient state of a new mum, and whilst some women may experience depressive symptoms because of this, others feel general weariness and fatigue that is an expected part of being a mum. I recently listened to a podcast with the amazing Lily Nichols (well known for her work on gestational diabetes and diet) and her thoughts on the role of nutrients and if there is anything that can be done to mitigate these symptoms or help the recovery process, pre and post birth.”