24 Min AMRAP
7 DB Thrusters 20/15kg
7 Wallballs 20/14# to 10/9′
Run 200m

24 Min AMRAP
7 DB Thrusters 15/10kg
7 Wallballs 14/10# to 10/9′
Run 200m

The gym is CLOSED this weekend as we host the Richie Patterson Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Workshop. Also going down is the Battle of the Forces at Petone Rugby Club on Saturday. Action starts at 9am and we have 2 eight person teams throwing down, so go give them some support :-).


The Industrial Food System

In the early 1970’s US president Richard Nixon enacted two changes that would have striking impact on future generations:

  1. Removed the US from the gold standard. This would herald the end of sound, long term economic development, and shift the whole world into a debt based system of fiat currency. 
  2. Enacted an aggressive program of farm subsidies (Nixon was also able to do this parallel to and because of change #1). This was somewhat part of the Cold War buildup, but it was also a political ploy to garner support from the conservative voting base within farming, which at that time represented a much larger percentage of the US population relative to today.

Farmers were paid to produce food. In some instances, farmers were (and are) paid to NOT produce food.