The gym is CLOSED this weekend as we host the Richie Patterson Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Workshop. Also going down is the Battle of the Forces at Petone Rugby Club on Saturday. Action starts at 9am and we have 2 eight person teams throwing down, so go give them some support :-).

The strongman events to take place from 9am-11:30am (may go past this time dependent on team times) will include truck pulling, sled pull, atlas stone carrying, tyre flips activities, followed by log carries and transferring water from one bucket to the next. 
After a 30min break (11:30am-12pm), from 12pm-3pm will be the CrossFit aspect of the event, with two AMRAP stations including movements such as bench press, rows, deadlifts, burpees (station 1); weighted run, goblet squats, kettlebell swings, shoulder thrusters and butterfly sit ups (station 2) and concludes with a modified MURPH circuit.