With so many CrossFit gyms around Wellington and New Zealand, why should you choose MaD CrossFit as your CrossFit Gym?


Matt and Donna (MaD) have been coaching CrossFit since 2008 and have made a point of continuing to better ourselves as coaches by attending most of the CrossFit Specialty Certifications out there. Even some that are no longer offered. We have trained with some of the top CrossFit coaches in the US. We have trained at over 50 CrossFit Affiliates in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

We have a structured training program for our Interns and Coaches that has allowed us to pass on our knowledge and experience to them. Most of our coaches including Matt and Donna were members before becoming interns or coaches so can relate to your member experience.

We continue to educate ourselves by attending both CrossFit and non CrossFit certifications and seminars.

We have assisted Coach Mike Burgener at the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certifications that have been conducted in New Zealand in 2009, 2012 and 2014.

Meet our coaches HERE.

Matt has competed at Sectional and Regional level. Donna has Judged at Sectional and Regional level. We have attended the CrossFit Games in the USA every year since 2009. We have experienced the dust at Aromas and the huge growth since the CrossFit Games moved to the Home Depot/Stub Hub Centre. We have seen and experienced what it takes to compete at the highest level of the sport of CrossFit.

Our Programming

We utilise a wide variety of tools and programs at MaD CrossFit. You will find yourself using the traditional dumbbells and barbells as well as Strongman tools such as yokes, stones, tires and sleds. While we focus on some basic lifts for strength building, we mix it up on the conditioning side so no two days are ever the same. Time domains are also varied, with workouts ranging from 2 to 40 minutes or more.

We also utilise a number of different influences in our program. CrossFit HQ, CrossFit Football, Endurance, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, KettleBell and Strongman are just a few of the resources from which we draw the workout you hit on a daily basis. We are certified in each of these specialties.

Learn more about our philosophy HERE.

Class availability

We offer 5 to 6 classes per week day, a fun partner or team workout at the weekend and a free skills session on Saturday. For our unlimited members you also have 11 hours of Open Gym time available. See our full schedule HERE.

Member Discounts

We offer member discounts on all the products that we have available, from protein powder to mobility tools.

Individual Programs

As well as our traditional CrossFit classes we are now offering specialised programs to help our members achieve their specific goals. Learn more about these HERE.

Free Consultation

If this sounds like you, then hit the button below to book in for a free consultation. This is 30 minutes and may be with a small group. We’ll discuss your goals, CrossFit and show you around the gym. We’ll also go over how things work and when the next Foundations Program begins.