What’s our gym culture like?

MaD’s mission is to provide people of  any gender, age, or ability a positive atmosphere to develop their fitness and health goals, with the best coaching, instruction and programming available. The strength you build will increase your confidence, functionality and enjoyment in your day to day life.

What do we expect from you….. ?

Value – each other and the equipment.

Motivation – never utter the words  ‘I can’t’.

Self Respect – do not cheat a workout just to be the first to finish.

Expectation – you will do your best, whatever that is, on that day.

Technique – Form BEFORE intensity.

Ego – there is no room in our gym for this, leave it at the door.

Support – encourage other athletes until the last one is done

Goals – set 7 day, 1 month and 3 month goals,

PR (personal record)- write your pr’s on the board, be proud of your accomplishment


How do I know if CrossFit is for me?

Do you want to get in shape but need a program?
Have you lost interest in your current gym routine?
Are you bored with your current workouts?
Don’t have time to workout?
Think you’re too out of shape to start?
Or has you level of fitness stalled?

Our Community is diverse, made up of military, university students, mum’s, grandparents, law enforcement, athletes, executives, no matter who you are you will benefit from CrossFit.

MaD offers a professional environment with dedicated coaches passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals no matter what fitness level you are currently at. We are building a community that will motivate and inspire you.

Can’t I just start in a group class?

Yes! You can join our Foundations Program class right away.

I’m super fit. I run and bike and do Yoga. Can’t I just come to one of your group classes?

Do you know what a thruster is? How about Tabata squats? Do you know what AMRAP stands for? If it sounds like a different language, then you’ll need to enroll in our Foundations Program. Our Jump Start Program is designed so you can join group classes and be able to perform in them safely.

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes! For 6 month or 1 year commitments only. Check out the FEES page for details.

What is your cancellation policy?

Private training sessions will not be charged if you cancel 24 hours prior to an appointment.
You can cancel out of groups classes up until class start time, after that you will be late cancelled. At this time we do not charge for late class cancellations but we do track them.

To cancel a membership we require 30 days notice in writing. You may be required to re-do induction when re-joining.

No cancellations or holds permitted between Nov 15-Jan 25.

Can I get credit or refund for missed group class sessions?

No. Membership Holds are not permitted. If you have an urgent change in circumstance or medical issue we will discuss on a case per case basis. Holds are not permitted for holidays or vacations.

What are your hours?

Personal training is by appointment only. Group classes require completion of our Foundations Program. Group Classes will be added as membership grows. If you can get 4 friends to train at a particular time we don’t offer yet, we will gladly open that time slot for you. Just ask! For now check the SCHEDULE for a complete list of Group Classes.

I train at another CrossFit and will be traveling through town. Can I drop in on a class?

Yes. Text or email us and let us know what day you would like to come in. Our visiting CrossFit rate is $25/class or buy a t-shirt for $35. If you’re around longer we can set up a multi-pass with a discounted rate. You must be associated with a CrossFit currently to join a group class. You are also welcome to book a private training session. Contact us at info@madcrossfit.com


MaD reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke any membership if you are causing conflict within the community we are building in this gym. We expect you to be supportive and positive while under this roof.