Our seventh annual Women’s Weightlifting Competition is on Sat 4 June 2016



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Bad As 007

The Bad As Women’s Lifting competition is held to encourage participation in weightlifting by women from any sporting background. Lifting heavy weights is beneficial for many reasons; not least of which is they make you Bad As!

As in the past 6 years, this competition is open to any female lifter aged 18 and over. We will recognize the top 3 lifters per kilo of body weight. We will need your lift start weights prior to the competition. Please be prepared and come with your lift start weights for Back Squat, Bench Press and Ground to Overhead. Rules for each lift are explained below. Like the last few years there will also be a Strongwoman/CrossFit style workout added to the competition. This will be performed as a floater, you will be asked to participate in this event in the order of which you registered. First to register and pay will be first to reserve their time spot.

Weigh in is at MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Gym, 58 Victoria Street, Petone, Lower Hutt and starts at 8am Saturday June 4th. You must be weighed in prior to 9am. Lifting will begin at 9am after a briefing. Your spot will be reserved upon receipt of payment. There are a maximum of 60 spots. Spectators are free. Please email donna@madcrossfit.com with questions. Proceeds will be donated to the winners NZ charity of choice.


The event sold out in under an hour last year so make sure you like us on Facebook to be the first to find out when registration is live.


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Download the PDF version.


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Size and Style info HERE. Make sure you READ the sizing, these do run big.



Only three attempts are permitted for each lift.

Back Squat

The starting position must be completely upright, with the knees and the hips fully extended and with the chest up. The hips are lowered until the top surfaces of both of the legs at the hip joint are lower than the knees, and then the bar is lifted back up. The bottom position is identified by A) the apex of the crease in the shorts formed as the hips are lowered, B) the surface of the top of the patella, C) the plane formed by a straight line between the two, and D) the dipping of the hip end of that plane below horizontal. The finish position is the same as the starting position, and the athlete must return to it before the bar is racked. When the finish position is secure, the bar must be walked back into the rack and successfully replaced.

Any halt in the upward motion of the whole bar, identified at its position on the back rather than at its ends, constitutes a missed attempt, as does any change in position of the feet against the floor during the squat. Any deliberate attempt to lower the bar counts as an attempt.  The squat will be done in the cage and no spotters will be necessary.

Bench Press

A spotter will assist the lifter in getting the bar out of the rack. The spotter will guide the bar over mid chest. There may be communication with your spotter to signal you are ready. The lifter must touch the bar to the chest, then move the bar back up to full lock out position (elbows in full extension). The spotter will then assist to get the bar back in rack position. If the bar touches the rack before the spotter grabs it, there is no lift.

The butt must be in contact with the bench and the feet must be on the ground at all times.

Ground to Overhead (aka Clean and Jerk)

Two hand overhead, anyhow. The most efficient way to accomplish this will be with a clean and jerk. You must lift the barbell from the ground to overhead and finish in a stable, unmoving, locked out position. The athlete’s elbows, shoulders, hips and knees must be locked out and unmoving, and the athlete must wait until the judge gives the audible and visual cue to lower the weight. The bar must be dropped in a controlled manner, with the athlete’s hands on the bar past the hips, for the lift to count. Dropping the bar from overhead will constitute a missed lift.

We are not using OWNZ rules, and press outs, while inefficient; will not be cause for a “no lift”. That’s why we are not calling it the Clean and Jerk.

If your first attempt of the jerk fails, you will be allowed one more chance from your shoulder, rack position. If the bar is moved to your back, it will be called a “No Lift.”


This one is all about moving as much weight as you can, as fast as you can. There will be a number of stations, you will have a set time at each station to score as many reps as possible with the weight you choose. At the end of the 4 minutes your score in reps at each station multiplied by the weight you moved at each station, will be divided by your bodyweight.


This is a raw event, no squat suits or bench shirts. Knee and wrist wraps are fine, along with a weight belt. No straps are allowed for the ground to overhead lift.

Warm Up Area

The warm up area so EVERYONE can warm up. You should not be lifting over 80% of your max lift or starting weight. Lighter lifters should warm up first, as heavier lifters will be going later.

We will have a MaD CrossFit volunteer on the floor for questions. There should be no need for spotters with the exception of bench press. Please respect the equipment and other lifters. There should be no dumping of weight, since no one is going to failure.


We expect the atmosphere in the gym to be one of positive peer influence, camaraderie, motivation and friendly competition. MaD CrossFit created this event to build a sense of belonging and for women to gain confidence. If we witness any negative behavior or cheating we reserve the right to ask you to leave our event.

Judge’s decisions are final.

Equipment is to be respected and not mistreated. Bars are not to be dropped from overhead unless it is a missed lift. Likewise Kettlebells are not to be thrown or dropped from overhead.

Any unsportsmanlike behavior such as arguing with a judge or representative of MaD CrossFit, taunting, heckling, fighting or any conduct which would bring disrepute the event the competition, other competitors or spectators or event sponsors, as determined by MaD CrossFit, in the eyes of the viewing public or the MaD CrossFit community may be grounds for penalty, suspension, disqualification, removal from the event, and/or disqualification from future events.

Athletes will be held accountable for the behavior of their coaches, teammates, supporters and guests. If the conduct of any member of such group or groups is deemed by MaD CrossFit to be unsportsmanlike or disruptive to the competition then the coach, teammate, supporter, guest, and/or Athlete is subject to the same disciplinary actions. Any participant caught cheating will be disqualified immediately; this includes taking any additional attempts at a lift.

This is a family friendly event raising funds for charity, we ask that you bear that in mind.

Cancellation Policy

If you register and then cannot attend Bad As 007, email donna@madcrossfit.com asap and your spot will be given to the next person on the wait list. You are not allowed to give your spot to someone else. As this is a charity event there are no refunds for your donation, if you ordered a T-shirt, you will receive that via mail or you can pick up in person.