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Join MaD Strength and Conditioning for a functional strength and conditioning session

Special deal for Corporate Partners (Bunnings, K Mart, Briscoes, Rebel Sport, NZ Racing Board, IBM Building and Pelorus Trust Building)

Deal is available for all group classes, 3x a week or unlimited

Welcome to MaD Strength & Conditioning Gym

New to CrossFit? This is how we get you started…

Take the Fundamentals Course, claim your free intro session HERE 

Once you’re done with your Fundamentals, you can join group classes. Workouts incorporate gymnastics, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, running, rowing and various other skills incorporated into an exciting and challenging “workouts of the day”. Find out more –  “what is CrossFit

The Fundamentals  are offered every two weeks.  Once you let us know what days you can attend, we’ll confirm dates with you. At the completion of the three hour course, (each Fundamentals session is 90 minutes) you can start attending the regular group workout sessions.

If you think you can be exempt from Fundamentals Course please email info@madcrossfit.com to set up an appointment with a Coach. If you are competent at all movements, you can start the group workout sessions and sign up immediately. If the Coach determines that you need to take the Fundamentals Course they will chat to you about this and get you , booked in and started.

Cost 3x a week is $40/week, unlimited $45/week, sign up using the form below:

Group Classes FAQ

Can I join at any time?

Yes, but your first week will be a little different as we take you through our Fundamentals program. After that you can join any group class.

What should I wear/bring?

Wear your gym gear that is easy to move in and nothing too fancy as you may be flipping tyres and getting a bit dirty, running shoes, bring a water bottle and a small towel

Can I pay as I go?

No, everyone will need to sign up on ezidebit, we will email you a form, you can bring it in on your first visit. You can choose what day of the week you want it to come out on, minimum 3 month commitment and you can cancel with 30 days notice after that.

What can I expect at a session?

Each session will be 60min long, we will start with a quick full body warm up, then some strength training, a timed workout to get your heart pumping, then have a stretch and a chat before you take off.

Can I have a Free Trial Class?

Yes, contact us for details info@madcrossfit.com or sign up using the form above.