THE CHALLENGE IS SIMPLE – You’ll spend 13 weeks starting June 4, improving your health, your happiness and your relationship with others.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS – Each Monday, there will be 1 of the following:  a motivator, healthy habit, tip, homework, emailed to you.

COST: It’s FREE, hold yourself accountable to create healthy change over 13 weeks, or buddy up with someone in the group for additional support.  Invite your friends and colleagues you think would benefit. All are welcome, members, past members, non- members…community at large.


Eat Nutritious, healthy foods





Be active 30 min per day (in addition to your regular gym session)



Stretch 10 min per day





Improve sleep by switching off and winding down





Drink 2 litres of water per day






Learn practices to help you feel happier and more present





At the end of each day, write about how your day went, what was good, and what could be better

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