Matt and Donna (MaD) have been certified and affiliated CrossFit Coaches since 2008. We have trained at more than 50 CrossFit gyms across the globe. We offer functional fitness training using CrossFit methods and a wide variety of exercises and techniques.

You can contact us at or Donna 021-2664264 or Matt 027-2322-701

Meet MaD (Matt and Donna)

Matt Dyson

Matt spent nearly 25 years in the New Zealand military as an Army Ammunition Technician specialising in Explosive Ordnance Disposal. For most of that time Matt trained and was employed as an instructor for a variety of skills sets that covered many physical and mental skills. Physical fitness was always part of the job, in addition Matt has been an active mountain biker and triathlete for the last 15 years. Matt continues to serve as a Reserve with the New Zealand Army.

Matt first heard of CrossFit while serving in Afghanistan in 2007. The following year he was living in the USA and finally got the chance to try it at a registered Affiliate. Since that first workout in February 2008 Matt has educated himself in CrossFit as well as other Strength and Conditioning methods in order to become the best coach he can be.

CrossFit Certifications

Level 1 Certification (CF-L1) Apr 08
Running and Endurance May 08
Basic Barbell Sep 08
Gymnastics Oct 08
Kettlebell Instructor Dec 08
Olympic Weightlifting May 09
Nutrition Jun 09
Football Nov 10
Endurance Jan 11
Strongman May 12
Coaches Prep Course (L2) Jan 13
Defence Mar 14

Other Education and Training

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar Aug 08 and May 09
American Heart Association CPR
Dutch Lowy Coaches Seminar Aug 09
Intern at CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Cert Nov 09
Carl Paoli Gymnastics Seminar Oct 12
Coach at CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Cert Dec 12 and Feb 14
Richie Patterson Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Jan 14
Richie Patterson Planning and Periodization Workshop Oct 14
Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Level 1 Referee

Donna Dyson

Coach Donna Dyson co-founded MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning in 2008. Donna has over two decades of professional training experience. She has had the opportunity to work with athletes arriving from all different walks of life. From professional desk-jockeys, to athletes from a wide variety of sports, individuals within special populations, teenagers, other personal trainers, members of the military, law enforcement, firefighters, and many more.

Donna began training to get fitter for her sport, mountain biking, and to gain over all strength. The goal has always been to get strong, gain flexibility and maintain overall health.

“We tell new members to just show up 3 or 4 times a week, give it 100% based on how you feel that day, have a positive attitude and you will be surprised how much progress you’ll make in 6 weeks.”

Donna’s past sporting achievements include competing in four 24 hour mountain bike races, sprint distance and off road triathlons, down hill mountain biking and running.

Donna is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with you and will always give you honest feedback with a focus on making you a better athlete.

CrossFit Certifications

Level 1 Cert (CF-L1) Apr 08 & Jan 09
Running and Endurance May 08
Basic Barbell Sep 08
Gymnastics Oct 08
Kettlebell Instructor Dec 08
Coach Burgener’s Olympic Lifting Certification: May 09
Robb Wolf’s Nutrition Cert Jun 09
Mobility Certification Jul 10 and Nov 14
Coaches Prep Course (L2) Jan 13
Strongman Feb 14
Kids Apr 14

Other Education and Training

Exercise Science Degree
ELDOA Level 1 and 2
Massage Therapist (Licensed in MA and CA)
Group Exercise Instructor
American Red Cross WSI & Lifeguard from 1995
Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar Aug 08 and May 09
Nutrition Seminar Dec 08
Spin Instructor from 2000
American Red Cross CPR/FPR from 1990
American Red Cross First Aid from 1990
American Heart Association CPR Certified from 1995
Licensed Massage Therapist May 09
Dutch Lowry Seminar Aug 09
Intern at Olympic Weightlifting Cert (Auckland, NZ) Nov 09
CF Northeast Regional Judge 08 & 09
CF Games Head Judge NZ Sectionals 10
Motivation and Goal Setting Seminar Jul 10
Tony Blauer S.P.E.A.R. Seminar Jul 10
Level 1 Australian Weightlifting Federation Certification Apr 12
Carl Paoli Gymnastics Seminar Oct 12
Coach at CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Cert Dec 12 and Feb 14
Power Lifting Training with Mark Bell Feb 13
Richie Patterson Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Jan 14
Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Level 1 Referee
CF Games Open Judge (current)

ELDOA Level 1 Feb 16

Meet the other Coaches

Paule Poulin

Being a member at MaD for the last few years, I really enjoy the community aspect. I also love to help people move better, whether that is by improving their technique or getting a PR lifting weights, getting a new skill or improving technique on a gymnastics movement, or simply getting fitter, and that is why I wanted to coach. In other words, I enjoy helping folks crushing their goals. I look forward to coaching and working out with you all.

CrossFit Certifications

Level 1 Trainer Certification (CF-L1) – Apr 2014

Mobility Trainer – Nov 2014

Gymnastics – Jun 2014

Weightlifting – Feb 2014

Judges Course – Jan 2015/2016/2017/2018

Scaling Course – Jun 2016

Spot the Flaw Course – May 2017

Other Education and Training

Bachelor of Sciences (Nursing)

CPR/First Aid/AED/Trauma Medical Course

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand National Level 1 Referee

Richie Patterson Weightlifting Seminar – Jan 14

Outlaw Barbell Weightlifting Camp – Jan 15

Carl Paoli Freestyle Seminar – Nov 17

Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach 1 Course – Feb 18

Meet the Interns

If you are interested in our intern program talk to MaD.

Meet the girls Kiwi, Cilla and now Honey

“The Girls”

Kiwi (and Ginger, up until March 2017, RIP Ginger) have been part of MaD CrossFit from the beginning. They started hanging out at the first affiliate we coached at, then traveled across the US, visiting CrossFit gyms along the way, before attending the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aromas. Once they arrived in NZ they wasted no time in getting acquainted with the local CrossFit scene, visiting various gyms and interning with MaD at the 1st New Zealand CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Seminar in Auckland.

Kiwi is our resident receptionist.

Cilla was added in Dec 2015, she is a French Bulldog we re-homed from a breeder in Taranaki. She is being trained as the new receptionist by Kiwi and seem to be a natural in this role.

Cilla Dragon in a box

Honey came to us in October 2017, another who needed rehoming, she is an English Bulldog mix puppy who is trying hard to fit in and behave.

Who we’ve trained with

Our favourite coaches

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Jeff Tucker

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Carl Borg

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