Jump Start $75

Already athletic? Have been CrossFitting for less than a year? Fit and experienced weightlifter? Currently play competitive sport? If group training is what you are looking for then your first stop is our Jump Start Program.

Jump Start Program:

One session 60 to 90 minutes in duration that is designed to teach and familiarize you with the movements used in the group classes, and test your current fitness. This fast paced program is a bit like gym school, you’ll get loads of information, review basic movements, lifts and how to modify anything that is too challenging.

After your Jump Start, providing you don’t require additional training, you can then join as a member. If you join as a member within 7 days, the Jump Start fee will be reimbursed in your first month of membership.

Private Training

All seems a bit much? Have a crazy schedule? Want a more personalized introduction to CrossFit? Then email info@madcrossfit.com or call 021-266-4264 and we’ll book you in for private training. If you have friends that want to book with you, you can share the cost.