How do I know if CrossFit is for me?

Do you want to get in shape but need a program?
Have you lost interest in your current gym routine?
Are you bored with your current workouts?
Don’t have time to workout?
Think you’re too out of shape to start?
Or has you level of fitness stalled?

Our Community is diverse, made up of military, university students, mum’s, grandparents, law enforcement, athletes, executives, no matter who you are you will benefit from CrossFit.

MaD offers a professional environment with dedicated coaches passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals no matter what fitness level you are currently at. We are building a community that will motivate and inspire you.

What is CrossFit?

What to Expect?

Constantly Varied Functional Movement done at High Intensity

Constantly Varied

The workout changes everyday hence the term WOD – Workout Of the Day. There are benchmark workouts that will be repeated at intervals to allow you and us to track progress.

Functional Movements

Whole body movements that can help you move better in real life, and are based on a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and sprint training.

High Intensity

This varies for everyone, but this is where you will make the most of your workouts. Working as hard as you can for short periods pays off big time.

An increase in work capacity across broad time and modal domains

You can expect a variety of time domains, anything from 2 to 40 minutes or more, that include many modes of exercise from single modality running, rowing, gymnastics and lifting to multiple rep, multiple round mixed circuits.

A class environment that will motivate, encourage and bring out your competitive nature.

CrossFit is known as the sport of fitness, you compete against yourself, others and the clock. Classes normally last an hour with a warm up, some strength work, a Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con) session finished off with a cool down and stretching.

World Class coaching

We are here to coach you to become better, not to count your reps. We focus on technique to help you move properly and safely, with an emphasis on good form before high intensity. Form – Consistency – Intensity

Are you ready to start doing CrossFit?

Our Foundations Program is designed to prepare active, healthy individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing group CrossFit classes. Every new member of MaD Crossfit must first complete our Foundations Program.

What is the Foundations Program?

In our Foundations Program classes you will gain the basic knowledge and movements you need to know before joining Group Classes. This includes squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, power clean, wall ball, kettlebell swing, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, stretching, proper nutrition, etc. You will learn the language, timing methods and MaD’s expectations of you as an athlete. If you are not already an athlete, you will become one.

Already have some CrossFit experience?

If you are interested in joining MaD and have been a member at a CrossFit gym in the past, our Jumpstart program is a great way for you to meet our coaches and review the moves before you jump into a class!

Group Class Schedule


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