Good luck to all our friends who are taking on CrossFit Games Sectionals this weekend. Check the results here as they roll in.

Read about one of them, Melissa from CrossFit Watertown.

You Go Girl! (Originally posted on CFW)

Melissa has been with us since the start of CrossFit Watertown — since the days when we used to experiment with crazy stuff in our garage, back before we were a CrossFit affiliate. Back when only the neighbors knew we were nuts. My son used to look at the workouts designed for Melissa and say, “Mom, you’re going to finally break her.” But I never could. Everything we threw at her, she did. Every experiment we tried, she finished. Every time we thought, “This is it. Surely she’s going to burst into tears and never come back” — she completed the WOD and asked for more. Most days, we’re amazed she still speaks to us.

Along the way, she became a CrossFit trainer. The first trainer we hired. She even had a baby and CrossFitted all the way through her pregnancy, doing her last WOD 12 hours before delivery. That’s her baby in the playpen behind her. He’s not even two and Melissa has worked herself into the best shape of her life. Oh — and she works full-time as a physical therapist too.

Melissa is one tough woman.

And, tomorrow, she will compete in the CrossFit Games New England Sectionals and we’re headed down to cheer her on. Sat and Sun morning classes are canceled and the caravan leaves from the CrossFit Watertown parking lot at 7am tomorrow. Be there and be wearing your CrossFit Watertown gear.

Our girl’s headed into competition. Nobody can break her. We love you, Melissa. Go rock the house.

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Melissa is a great example to us all, great commitment to always improving and not letting obstacles stand in her way.