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Notice any differences in posture between the two pictures above?  Look closely at the lumbar curves and the angle of the waist bands.  A proper overhead position is dependent on adequate shoulder mobility.  If you have poor overhead mobility, you will have to over extend your lumbar in order to finish an overhead press.  Doing this 100’s of times with light weight, or just once with a maximal load can be detrimental to your spine, pinching discs and causing muscles to spasm. 

If you are susceptible to back pain after an overhead pressing workout, or if your overhead position looks like the one on the left, two things will help.  First make sure that you are remembering to stay organized in your middle, maintaining neutral spine and keeping your stomach tight.  Next look to increase your shoulder mobility so you don’t have to compromise proper spinal position to support the load.

Here is a good blog article from MarksDailyApple.com that offers some advice on how to improve shoulder mobility.  Check it out and get to work.  Your shoulders and your spine will thank you.
How to Maintain Shoulder Mobility and Scapular Stability

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