New Year, New You Challenge.

And the Winners are……

Ann is the winner for the women, Patrick takes it for the men. In second place are Melissa and Barry. Congratulations. The first place getters will take home $170 in cold cash, Melissa and Barry, will get 50% off their membership for March.

Congratulations to the winners. Now let’s talk about everyone who entered. Here are the stats, people lost over 112 cm or 45 inches, and everyone improved their baseline time. The biggest difference came from those who were new to CrossFit. The baseline test went from doing scaled push ups to doing them as rx’d, as well as taking over a minute off their time. Amazing results, you should all be proud.

I hope you all stay with the paleo eating, cutting out sugar and grains. You should all be feeling better, sleeping better and notice improved performance and over all health. Great stuff, thanks for playing. We’ll have another challenge later in the year.

T-shirts and hoodies

We have new t-shirts in all colors and kids sizes too. Orange, Royal Blue and Kahki for kids, plus a bigger variety of colours for the adult sizes.  We will have members only hoodies in next week for you to try on for size, we will only be taking pre-orders and we’ll sell to you at cost.


Run for Christchurch is Sunday, March 13th @ 10am. We are meeting at the Seaview end of the Petone Esplanade. This is to raise money for the Red Cross for earthquake victims. Break out your RED and BLACK run outfit. Donate $5 or more here . Then run, walk, or have the kids ride their bikes, everyone is welcome. Invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers…help spread the word and support the hard work the Red Cross is doing in Christchurch.

Running Endurance Clinic Mar 26

9:00am – 11:00am. Click here for more info.

Price: $40 (member’s $25) *SPACE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 STUDENTS*

To register: Email or call 021 266 4264

Member Update:

We have lots of new faces around, please remember to help out new members. Make them feel welcome, please introduce yourself if you don’t know someone 🙂

Enjoy your rest day.