What should I warm up with?

A common question from Saturday’s Bad As II practice session. Now that you know your opening weights, what is the best way to warm up for them?

I would suggest a similar approach as we use with the CrossFit Total. Your first warm up set should be relatively light and something you would warm up with in a normal class, your last warm up should be around 90% of your opening weight. In between these two weights should be three to four even increments. So warm ups for an opening weight of 90kg might look something like this:

5 x 20 

3 x 40

2 x 50

1 x 60

1 x 70

1 x 80

After the squat follow the same procedure for the Bench Press, but as the weights will be lighter, the warm up weights will be closer together and you probably don’t need as many intermediate warm ups. So for a opening weight of 55kg, your warm ups might look like this.

5 x 20

3 x 30

2 x 40

1 x 45

1 x  50

Finally for the Clean and Jerk you should be pretty good to go by now, so try a heavier first warm up and only a couple of intermediate sets before the first attempt. So for an opening weight of 50kg, it might look like this:

3 x 25 

1 x 35

1 x 40

1 x 45

I hope that helps some of you with your planning. Now lets lift some heavy shit next Saturday.

Monique finally nails the 50kg C&J that eluded her during the Open workout 11.3


A lot of us now have minimalist shoes like INOV8s for our day to day workouts. Have you considered investing in weightlifting shoes for the strength sessions?

We have had ours for a while now, Rach and Mike S (Avatar) also have them. Mel tried Rach’s this weekend and found that they give a better connection to the platform and a more stable bottom position.

Instead of walking a mile, Mel squats 90kg in another womans shoes

They are no more expensive than a pair of running shoes and offer specific support for your lifts. Read more about them here.

If you are interested in getting some let us know. If we can get a big enough order together we can source them from One Rep Max, our sponsor for the Bad As.

Bad As

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One Rep Max is coming to the party and as well as individual prizes they will be donating the womens specific bar descibed below to the to the best performing gyms.

The One Rep Max GP Bar –  The high chromium content in our spring steel reacts with the black zinc coating process, and gives it a unique look, and feel.  A  russet, coppered coating that feels powdery and cool in hand.  The steel itself is whippy and strong, months of testing by olympic lifting, and a controlled, basic, press test with our engineer has resulted in a bar able to withstand your abuse, and give you the response you need to progress your lifts.  Knurled moderately, this bar is great for One Rep Max Lifts of any kind. The 25mm diameter spring steel shaft specifically for women lifters.  The hard chrome sleeves contain sealed, gel lubricated bearings for a virtually friction free spin under the heavy loads.  BOOM!