When you join MaD CrossFit you will quickly find out we are not your typical gym. First and foremost, you will be held accountable. We will ask that you to work hard, keep track of each session in your log book, file your callouses, eat right, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Simply truth is, if you don’t do this, you won’t get the results you want.

You have already made the first step, you walked through the door.  The first 3 months is critical. You will need to make the gym a habit, 3 times a week, walk through door. Your motivation may come from your coaches, a friend, your new friends in the gym, everyone is driven by something different.

At this early stage you will no doubt have lots of questions, feel a bit sore, and perhaps suffer at a level your body has never quite experienced. You will try hard because you don’t want to let ‘yourself’ down. You will be inspired by others and you will learn to tackle the workout each day with a positive go get ‘em attitude.

You’ll notice your body changing, aching, sometimes not cooperating the way you want it too….this is all part of changing. You must go through this to get the benefits on the other side. You will start to look forward to exercise, crave the right foods, understand the importance of rest & hydration and you will start to notice a difference in how your clothes fit and how you feel.

The next step to staying motivated is how you look, feel and preform. You’ll take a look in the mirror and notice a difference, changing fat into lean muscle. This will take you to make the next step. Cleaning up your diet, making YOU a priority, keeping your workouts consistent and you’ll notice your technique and form in the gym is improving.

Now educate yourself. Borrow books from our library on the whys, how’s and what’s. We cannot pass along everything we know in a one hour class. Education also includes making an effort to come to the skill sessions, testing your fitness in a local race or try a new sport. Stand up paddling, tramping, biking, tennis, whatever. Go play and use your new muscles to have fun again.

After this initial phase, you’ll need to create goals. We would like you to come up with 7 day, 1 month and 3 month goals. We have asked for your goals in the past couple weeks. We want you to write them on the board and talk to us about a plan to achieve them. Most of you have not put any goals on the board. This is an important part of staying committed to your program. You should not focus on just ‘losing weight’ focus instead on a real goal that you will achieve in the next 3 months. Here, I’ll go first, for the next 7 days I am going to eat strict paleo and write in my log book how I feel and preform. I will try to continue this for 30 days. I am going to work on my dips for volume training over the next 30 days so in 3 months I can have 3 strict ring dips. Wow, that was easy, and now I have a goal each day, for the next month, and will test my dips in 3 months. Realistic, achievable, and motivating.

Truth is there is no quick fix. We cannot ‘make’ you work any harder or go any heavier than you’re willing to go. We see it all the time, those who give it 100% and those who give about 70% and then ask why they aren’t moving ahead as fast as others. We try to give you all the tools and lead you down the right path, but you have to put one foot in front of the other.

We will do our best to guide you, coach you, inspire you, motivate you etc. Just show up with a positive attitude, listen to your coach, and be CONSISTANT…and for gwad sakes, get off the friggen sugar. It’s poison.

Rant over, xox Donna

With Barbells for Boobs coming up here is some sage advice from Coach Burgeners daughter. 10 Things to improve your Clean & Jerk by Sage B.

Practice sessions for B4B are 10am on Oct 8 and 22. Make sure you sign up.

If you are not on facebook you should be. There is a lot of good MaD community stuff going on there and you are missing out on it.  You control who sees what’s on there and you don’t have to be every bodies friend, so don’t be afraid. Get on it.

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Now go enjoy your rest day 🙂