“The girls” take on the Saturday Team workout


Great to see so many people in the gym for their sessions and so many of you switching to unlimited.  With the 2012 CrossFit Games Open coming up starting February 22, it’s time to start getting serious about your training. We’ll be posting more about the 2012 CrossFit Games after the 1st of the year.

You have probably noticed classes are getting busy, great to see. Just wanted to let you know, we are looking around the area for a bigger space.  This will not be a lateral move, we have heard your requests for more changing rooms, bathrooms and space. Matt and I will keep you updated on the progress. We will also make sure we will be close to public transportation.

Also check out our resident pitbull “Chaos” on the CrossFit Affiliate site HERE!

Christmas Eve Partner Challenge:

Get signed up online HERE. As we’ve been announcing in class, it will start Dec 24th at 9am and consist of 3 different wods. We hope to finish by noon and start the BBQ right after. Family and friends are welcome to the BBQ or to come by and cheer you on.  The wods will suit all levels and no one should have to scale.

Please ask around if you need a partner, if you are looking for one, we’ll toss the names in a hat and you can pick from there. We will do that the week of December 12, so please sign up before then.


If you have a facebook, please go “like” our MaD page. It is linked on our website and we post lots of pictures, video, info and last minute goings on. It is a great tool to get the word out and easy to update.

New Peeps

We have a few new members in the gym and new people are signing up for On Ramp all the time. Matt and I really appreciate you all going out of your way to make them feel comfortable in the gym. Sometime we put you on a platform with a newbie so you can help them out. It’s great that you have all step up and helped them out, I am sure they appreciate it as much as we do. Thanks for that.

Honor system Clean Eating Challenge:

The Food Challenge is coming to an end on Wednesday, which is also Pete’s Birthday.  Please continue to post in the Clean Eating FB page. If I have not added you and you wish to be part of this private group please let me know. It is open to all members.

Pete had some great things to say about his experience so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

“Come Wednesday I would’ve completed over 30 days with no bread, minimal sugar (I did partake in the odd in line fruit n nut bar or date delight), no coke zero, and no alcohol. I’m looking forward to re-weighing and measuring to see the results. Already I can say that with regards to strength, I can do 2 pull ups in a row unaided (previously this was zero), I can do 10 TTB in a row (previously this was zero), I PR’d my DL with 1x 175kg (previously 150kg), and I generally feel healthier. There is definitely something to be said for this way of eating. December is always going to be a tricky month to keep it up but I’m willing to give it a go. It hasn’t ways been easy, mainly keeping my better half happy when cooking dinners, but will definitely think a lot more about my food in the future. Cheers MaD for hints/tips/advice/kicks up the butt when I needed it. :)”—Pete D.

Have a GREAT Sunday!