Congratulations to Mike on winning the Best/Worst Movember Mo. He is now sporting a new MaD No Bull$#@! T Shirt for his efforts.

Sara is leaving us for the bright lights of Palmy in a few weeks so she is looking to have a farewell next Saturday after classes, if the weather is good we will head down to Mac’s Brewery in town. Let us know in comments or on facebook if you are keen. Hopefully she will be back, at least on the weekends, as she is also heading off to do her CrossFit Level 1 Certification this month as well.

Next Saturday’s 10am Skills Session is the Olympic Weightlifting – Snatch. Come on in and work on some new skills.

Christmas Eve Partner Challenge:

Get signed up online HERE. As we’ve been announcing in class, it will start Dec 24th at 9am and consist of 3 different wods. We hope to finish by noon and start the BBQ right after. Family and friends are welcome to the BBQ or to come by and cheer you on.  The wods will suit all levels and no one should have to scale.

Please ask around if you need a partner, if you are looking for one, we’ll toss the names in a hat and you can pick from there. We will do that the week of December 12, so please sign up before then.