Some info for next weekend.

We move to the new premises on Saturday. All are welcome to the Move WOD at 9am on Saturday to load and unload a couple of trucks. A huge thanks to Paul and Alisha for providing the vehicles. Thanks also to all those who have helped out with the fit-out so far.

Due to it being Waitangi Day on Monday and therefore a public holiday, there will ONLY BE ONE CLASS AT 6pm.

Monday is Superbowl day in the USA and Donna’s team the New England Patriots are up against the New York Giants in the NFL Grand Final. If you need another reason to support the Patriots, John Welbourn of CrossFit Football played for them.

Looking forward to April, Bron is keen to put together a team for The Ultimate Team Challenge, who else is in? It is out at BrookField, the same location as the Bog Challenge so it should be a good time.