CrossFit T Shirts that is.

Starting Jan 1st I wanted to see how many days I could go without having to re-wear any of my CrossFit T Shirts. Turns out that is 65 days. Some days I wore more than one shirt so I am not sure how many shirts I actually have even now. Now my problem is finding enough room in the dresser draw for them.

Congratulations to Daniel for taking out the Police Games longest day event Mens Open Grade on Friday. Also Nick for finishing 3rd, great effort it was a close race all day.

A  huge thanks to all our volunteer helpers, it was great to see so many MaD T’s and Hoodies out on the street.


Special thanks to Zac for running the swim event and being my demo boy/line police as well as helping out Thursday with all the prep work.

Also thanks to the business and individuals who helped out with equipment, Super Loans, Hire Pool (via Rob Taggart, thanks Rocky) and Dave Hadley Tires.