Zac is headed home to the US of A on Tuesday. We look forward to his return later in the year. He has a few certs and seminars booked so look forward to him bringing back a sh*t ton of knowledge when he gets back. We will miss you Zac, thanks for all you have done. We can’t begin to describe how much fun it has been to have you around.

and now a few words from the man himself.


I’d spent the better part of a year working in Afghanistan, and after taking some time off and traveling around a bit, I met a Kiwi and followed her here to New Zealand.  Training solo in a place like Afghan for a year isn’t nearly as much fun as being a part of a community.  I emailed Matt and Donna with hopes to shadow at their gym in order to get my mindset back into training others and to experience that ‘community feel’ again.  Little did I know I’d not only gain from their knowledge and experience, but became part of a family too.  With every CrossFit certification available, Matt and D$ have been invaluable in helping me work on my technique, skills, and mobility.  Coming from the military, I relate to and appreciate Matt’s professionalism and structure, and it’s quite obvious how much Donna has put her heart into the gym, and how much she cares about all the members at MaD.  They’re two coaches who’re one of a kind, and New Zealand is lucky to have them setting the standard for CrossFit here.  Everyone at MaD not only welcomed me as a coach, but made me feel at home as a friend and part of the family.  From walking into the Dyson’s kitchen and making myself Brekky,  invitations to ‘lady lunches’, invitations to the NZ S3V3NS, to drinking the tap dry of Porter at Speight’s Ale House…  I’ve managed to gain LOADS of photos and awesome memories.  Enough to make me want to come back!

The past four months of traveling, working and living in New Zealand have been some of the best of my life… wait, wait, they’ve been CHOICE!  I’ve grown and learned HEAPS from all the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve had, and the people I’ve met.  I hadn’t planned to stay in NZ for as long as I did, and most definitely didn’t consider its potential as my home.  However, coaching at MaD, and living here with my beautiful PARTNER, Josie, who welcomed me into her family and life, calling NZ home is more than just a possibility now, it’s SWEET AS BRO!

Thanks to all of you who’ve made my stay so much fun, and No worries mate, I’ll see you sooner than later.