For those who think CrossFit is a new workout scheme, I have news for you, it is not. For the next couple of weeks as we take a break from strength focussed training we are going back 10 years to hit some workouts that were first posted on in April and May 2002. Yes that’s right, CrossFit did not just appear out of nowhere with Reebok sponsoring the CrossFit Games on ESPN last year, despite what some would have you believe. Donna and I are in our 5th year of CrossFit and we both still have a lot to learn.

As an aside, the notes that go with the workouts are the original ones posted by Coach Glassman so pay attention.

Three rounds each for time of:

100 Medicine ball squats

“Triple up” rope climb


1. “Triple-up” on rope is touching floor with toe-only between three ascents.

It’s timed from floor to floor.

2. Squats that don’t break paralell are insulting; subtract one for each.

3. Medicine ball is 20 lbs.