Time for some teamwork.

Part A: *Working in a team of 4

6 rounds for time of:

10 Push Press 50/30kg

15 HR Pushups

20 Pullups

-Rest 10 minutes between parts.

Part B **Working in teams of 2.

12 minute AMRAP of:

7 Hang Power Cleans @ 60/35kg

11 Ring Dips

14 T2B

*A. 2 people may work at a time. This work will be performed in alternating rounds, i.e. one pair will complete the first full round, then the other pair will perform the second round. There may only be one men’s and one women’s bar set up.


**B. Pairs will alternate movements to complete a round, i.e. the 1st person will perform 7 HPC, then the 2nd person will perform 7 HPC, then 1st will perform 11 Ring Dips, then the 2nd will perform 11 Ring Dips, etc.

Skills Session at 10am – Run/Endurance. After a quick review of run technique, we will work on incorporating CFE workouts into your program.