I asked this question on our facebook page, but I know a few of you don’t use it so I will ask again here. Please feel free to answer in comments.

“As Crossfit continues to grow, you will be seeing affiliates that chase performance and train for the sport of fitness, and you will be seeing affiliates that focus on GPP and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of us should embrace this and not debate about who is right and who is wrong. It all depends on what your goals are.”

What do you think we do here at MaD CrossFit?

BaD As update:

Ladies, you need to sign up HERE as soon as possible, slots are selling out fast. A late registration fee of $15 will be applied after May 21, in addition as T Shirts will have been ordered by then, you will miss out on a classic Bad As T.

Guys, you have to sign up HERE for the boys workout on the day. If you are not signed up, you don’t get to play!